The Ghost™ is a reusable and recyclable product that adheres to the bridge of your nose with a 3M gentle medical grade adhesive. The metal band on top, helps to create a secure, comfortable fit that is adjustable making The Ghost™ a one size fits most shield. 

Once the adhesive loses its tackiness, you simply recycle it and grab another one.  Customer feedback suggests being able to wear The Ghost™ for about up to a week of continuous use before the adhesive begins to lose its tackiness. Removing oil, perspiration, and makeup prior to use helps the adhesive to stay strong longer.

The Ghost Shield is adjustable making it a one size fits most product. 

A 3M gentle medical grade adhesive adheres to the bridge of your nose.

The Ghost Shield is reusable until the adhesive looses it’s tackiness. Customer feedback averages a weeks’ worth of use before the adhesive loses it’s tackiness.

While we tested this concept during our development stages, our customers were ultimately dissatisfied with the results as subsequent applications of the adhesive strip did not perform well.

We invent and manufacture all of our products in the USA. Our shipping center is in Placerville, CA

As this is still an ever-changing environment, If you are unsure of the business or locations face covering policies we would recommend that you contact the place of business prior to arrival to find out what their recommendations are.

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